How to Uncover Personal Information on Anyone

Background Checks from a Private Investigator are the BestThe Best Online Background Check Reports Can Reveal A Tremendous Amount of History on Anyone

As a collecton attorney with 20+ years of experience in litigation involving judgment enforcement, I can tell you that most people don’t have a clue about how they can research the background history of another person without either getting ripped off or going through a very expensive process (like the old days) of hiring a PI.  Everything in the information world has now evolved, with a few exceptions, to the point that you can get an unbelievably extensive report on just about anyone if you know who to go to through.   The trick to getting the information you need is to understand that most services which provide background searches are basically junk and are designed to just to take your money.  They are mostly providing you with very old data that you can usually get for free online by search Google, Facebook, and many of the other social networks.

The reason that these online queries are worthless is due to the fact that most of them are recycling old and stale data which is cheap and easy to come by.  This renders them to be basically worthless in many instances for skip tracing.  The best approach to getting inside knowledge on anyone like potential tentants, job applicants, or any person you don’t have enough information about, is to use a professional private investigator/skip tracer to retrive the complete track record on the person (whomever your subject of interest might be).  Today, there are vast databases that exists on all of us which are continuously updated with real time data.  In fact, the various sources and entities “in-the know” include the FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, Google, and many other propriety third Skiptracing requires access to the best data to produce quality background checksparty archeives.  They know so much about each of us, it is really scarey!   For example, you can research anyone and find out where any person is currently living, who they are living with, what kind of car they drive, how much they paid for their house, how much money they owe, bank account balances, email addreses, etc. These items which appear in the online background check will uncover relatives, business partners, corporate & LLC affiliations, civil and criminal court litigation (nationwide court records), asset ownership such as motor vehicles, motorcycles, motorhomes, boats, airplanes, and real estate. This same data can be found in a pre employement background check   There is really not much they don’t know about you.   Go to for more info.

The best online background check provides criminal records, civil/criminal filings, and details on all aspects of a person's history.

For a small fee, you can get the scoop on anyone if you have enough information to identify the person such as a nume, SSN, date of birth, current or previous address.

Homeland Security at maintains an extensive database on not only every single United States citizen, but also millions of other individuals thorough the world.  Some of their US data is shared with the leading data providers, and yet anotherportion is kept very close to the vest as it relates to national security matters, FBI and CIA databases.  The has been a great effort tomerge the data as it has now become a universal bank of intigence that is being utilized much more effectively, at least in most instances.  The exceptions to this are those who are smart enough to figure out how they can go “off the grid” and keep the majority of their personal information private.  Certain ederal judges, corporate royalty, and some billionaires have figured out how to do this, at least keeping their info from the non-government data systems.  This feat is certainly not a very practical solution for most common people who would find it nearly imposslble to give up their access to the various forms of modern communication.  This includes cell phones, computers, and any electronic devices which are so pervasive, it is nearly impossible live without them unless you want to live in a cave somewhere.